Faculty and staff account creation process

This guide covers the account creation process for faculty, staff, and student worker accounts.

Account Creation Process

Accounts for new or returning employees will be generated automatically once a contract is entered into GullNet by HR.

Acceptable Use Policy and Policy Receipt Acknowledgement MUST be completed in GullNet prior to gaining access to the full GullNet menu.

New Employees (staff and faculty):

  • GullNet account will automatically be generated when contract is entered into GullNet by Human Resources.
  • An email will be sent to supervisor for staff or administrative assistant and chair of the department for faculty with login credentials.
  • The GullNet account will only have access to complete the security agreements:
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Policy Receipt Acknowledgement.
  • Gullcard will be created/become activated with door access granted based on contract dates.

Returning Adjunct Faculty:

If returning within the 9 month grace period

  • email and network access already active
  • GullNet account re-enabled
  • email sent to faculty member stating GullNet access re-enabled

If returning after the 9 month grace period

  • will be handled like a new employee

Faculty are given 9 months continued access of their network and email accounts after their contract has expired.

If you know that a faculty member is definitely NOT coming back, please email PSSecurity@salisbury.edu and let us know.

Returning Contingent Staff:

  • will be handled like a new employee

Faculty End of Contract Processing

  • 20 days before contract ends, and 7 days before contract ends, faculty member receives an email from PSSecurity titled “Salisbury University IT Access Change-please read”

    Sample Email

    Sample Email to Faculty/Staff (20 days & 7 days) before contract ends:

    This correspondence is in regard to your employment contract with Salisbury University, Art department.  The contract is scheduled to expire on 12/17/16.

    If a contract renewal is in process and the appropriate paperwork has been submitted to the Human Resources or Payroll Office, please disregard this notice.  If not, per legislative requirements, at the expiration of your contract your Salisbury University IT access will be disabled as follows:

    * Faculty  - Gullnet account will be disabled, email and network access remains active for 9 months

    * Staff      - Gullnet, email and network accounts will be disabled

    * Retirees - Gullnet account will be disabled; email access remains active for 3 years, with the option of renewal

    If you are anticipating that your employment contract is to be renewed, please contact your manager/supervisor to follow up on the status of this renewal.  Please be advised that the appropriate paperwork MUST be received by either HR or Payroll PRIOR to your current contract end date to AVOID your computer account(s) being disabled.

    If you have any questions about your contract renewal, please contact the Human Resources Office at 410-543-6035.  If you have questions about the actual disabling of your computer accounts, please reply to this email.

  • The day after contract ends GullNet and door access is disabled and faculty member marked to have access expire for email and network in 9 months.

Faculty End of 9 Month Grace Period

  • Email and network access disabled.  Email account will be deleted 6 months after it is disabled if employee has not returned to SU.

Faculty Retiree/Emeriti

  • Faculty Emeriti are extended the opportunity to continue to use their SU email account for as long as they wish to keep it. 
  • Retirees automatically have their email active for 3 years after retirement. 
  • Every 3 years thereafter, they will receive an email from PSSecurity asking if they would like to renew their account for another 3 years.  This process goes on indefinitely.
  • Emeriti who do not respond to the renewal email (usually done June 30th), will find their account disabled.  A prompt email or call to the HelpDesk and the account can be re-enabled.
  • Retirees/Emeriti do not have network login or GullNet access; only e-mail.
  • Door access ends when employment ends.  
  • Retirees do not maintain access to additional Microsoft Office suite products.  

Student Workers:

  • student worker accounts are assigned by department managers to contracted students.  
  • They should be provided login information from their manager.
  • Door access will require a contract and will depend on dates of employment and student enrollment.  
  • if your student worker needs special access please email PSSecurity@salisbury.edu for the procedure

If you have any questions, please email PSSecurity@salisbury.edu to clarify any of these procedures. 

For more information on account access see SU account and access life cycle - Faculty, Staff and Students

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