Using GullNet to email your students

This describes how to use GullNet to send an email to your students.


When sending email using GullNet, you do not have any of the features or tracking abilities you have when using Outlook. For full featured email, please see Using class distrubution email lists in the Outlook address book.

Step-by-step guide

Under the Faculty tile select My Schedule .

It may be necessary to click the change term button to view the term and roster you wish to access. 

Click on the class roster icon to the left of the class code underlined in blue (middle icon) class roster icon

Select the students you wish to email by placing a check mark next to their name in the Notify column and then click Notify Selected Students.

Click the Notify all students button at the bottom of the roster to email your entire class roster.

Note that this will not save a copy in your Sent Items in Outlook. To send a traditional email to your students that you can resend and archive, use the Class Lists in Outlook’s address book instead.

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