Internet Access

Salisbury University provides internet access to faculty, staff, students and guests/visitors through both wired and wireless options. Most users will connect to our wireless network(SU-Secure).  Residence halls have both wired and wireless internet access options available for you to use with your computers, tablets, phones and other connected devices. In most cases, you'll either plug in your device with an ethernet cable or connect your device to the SU Wireless by first connecting to SU-Connect. For some devices, like smart televisions and gaming consoles, you'll need to connect them by registering them.  Specific guides can be found below.

Wireless access for SU faculty, staff and students

Faculty, staff and students with a working SU username and password can connect to the internet using our wireless network, essentially by joining SU-Connect, opening a browser, and following some setup instructions. See Connect to the SU-Secure Wireless Network (General Instructions) for general instructions. See the guides below for specific device setup instructions. Faculty and staff emeritus accounts do not have access to the SU-Secure Wireless network, and will need to get a guest account as detailed below.

Guests and visitors 

Guests and visitors who are on campus for the day can get a temporary guest account from the Academic Commons Library Circulation Desk. This allows you access to log into Academic Commons public computers, connect to the SU-Secure Wireless Network, and print (for a fee) at the Circulation Desk.

Event wireless access

Smaller events will usually request a temporary guest account for their event to use. See your event coordinator for the temporary guest account username and password. You can then connect to the SU-Secure Wireless Network. For larger events, like the Seagull Century, a special guest wireless network will be available for you to join for internet access on your phones and devices. This will be provided by the event coordinators, and may even be included in some of the literature accompanying the event. Event coordinators reserving or planning an event on campus should include this information on your reservation to ensure that appropriate access is provided to your event.


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