GullNet how to guide for students

This guide covers some of the basic uses of GullNet for students. 

Logging into GullNet

  • Go to
  • Click GullNet for Students.
  • Click the Log On With SU Username button.
  • Type in your Username and Password in the correct dialog boxes.
  • Click Sign In
  • Once enrolled in DUO authorization will be required

Enroll in classes

  • Click NavBar>Navigator>Self-Service>Enrollment>Enrollment: Add Classes
  • Choose the Current Term. Click Continue.
  • This will take you right into your class schedule to Add Classes. (Only if you have courses in your shopping cart)

Accessing the catalog or schedule of classes

  • Click NavBar>Navigator>Self-Service>Class Search/Browse Catalog
  • You can do a Class Search (putting classes in shopping cart) or browse the Browse Course Catalog (General information)

Add a class

  • Click NavBar>Navigator>Self-Service>Class Search/Browse Catalog>Class Search.
  • Using the drop down menus, select the correct TERM
  • Using the drop down menus, select the COURSE SUBJECT and your COURSE CAREER (ex. Undergraduate or Graduate)
  • (Optional) In the blank next to the COURSE NUMBER, type in the course number of the subject.
  • (Optional) Uncheck Show open classes only to see all classes offered, even closed.
  • Then click SEARCH.
  • Select the class that you want and follow through the confirmation buttons until you have completely added the class.
  • Use the drop down menus to select other COURSE SUBJECTS and add other courses.
  • When you are all finished click the FINISH ENROLLING button at the bottom of your class list.

Print your schedule

  • Click NavBar>Navigator>Self Service>Enrollment>My Class Schedule
  • Select the Term that you wish to print.
  • (Optional) Select Weekly Calendar view
  • Select Print from your browser

View your grades

  • Click NavBar>Navigator>Self Service>Enrollment>View My Grades
  • Choose the necessary term and then Continue

Drop classes

  • Click NavBar>Navigator>Self-Service>Enrollment>Enrollment: Drop Classes
  • Choose the Current Term
  • Click on CONTINUE.
  • Click the checkbox next to each class that you want to drop.
  • Repeat the above steps for other classes that need to be dropped in other terms.

Swap classes

  • Click NavBar>Navigator>Self-Service>Enrollment>Enrollment: Swap Classes
  • Select the Term and then the class you want to swap.
  • Find the class you want to switch it with by doing a  SEARCH for the class, selecting a class from your SHOPPING CART or entering the CLASS NUMBER.
  • Once you have found the class you want to switch, click on the FINISH SWAPPING button.

Scheduling an advising appointment

  • Scheduling an advising appointment is now completed in Navigate
  • See Navigate - for Students for instructions on how to install the Navigate app
  • To schedule advising appointment in Navigate
    • Go to Appointments
    • Select Schedule an Appointment
    • From the 1st drop down menu choose Advising for the type of appointment
    • From the 2nd drop down menu select the type of Service as 15-Minute Program Planning
    • From the 3rd drop down menu choose Find Available Time
    • Options are available for you to receive email or text reminders
    • Select Schedule to complete the request
  • See also for additional instructions

Changing your Address

  • Select NavBar>Navigator>Self Service>Campus Personal Information>Addresses or select the Addresses button from the Student Tab.
  • Click on the Pencil/Edit button to the right of your address.
  • Edit the address as needed and click OK.

Changing your Phone Number

  • Click NavBar>Navigator>Self Service>Campus Personal Information>Phone Numbers or select the Phone Numbers button from the Student Tab.
  • Edit the phone number listed and select Save.
  • **Changing your phone number in GullNet does not change it for the Emergency Alert System.  Please see Emergency Text Alert System (Rave) for instructions on changing your phone number with the Emergency Alert System.

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