Different Types of Accounts

SU Account

This is your typical account for a faculty, staff, students, and applicants. This account gives a user access to
log in to all SU systems, including network, wireless, email, GullNet, MyClasses(for faculty and students), and GullCard. 

• User should have a GullNet account and will have security roles

Other information you should know.

• Students have access to their accounts for up to one year past graduation.

• Faculty have a 9 month grace period to access email and network drives after the end of their
contract. They lose access to GullNet at the end of their contract, however.

• Faculty retirees, or emeriti, continue to have email and network access for 3 years and will need to reply if the prefer to continue (but not GullNet

Alumni Account

When a student graduates or otherwise leaves the university, the student retains their SU account
for one year, after which it is deleted. For normal alumni, their account will be exactly the same
as an SU account.

Student Worker Accounts

Some departments have set up student worker accounts for their student employees. These accounts
begin with the prefix SW and are named for the department and are numbered, such as SWHelpdesk01.

Student worker accounts work like normal SU accounts when active, and remain active until either
the supervisor deactivates the account in GullNet, or the student’s contract expires.

•If the account is active, it should have the name and information of the
person to whom the account is assigned.

• If the account is blank or not assigned, the student should see their supervisor.

Faculty between contracts

As stated above, faculty who are in between contracts will keep their access to email and network
drives, but lose access to GullNet until the new contract is in. 

• If a faculty member has no security roles, they are in between contracts.

Applicants/Incoming Students

Students who have applied to the university will receive access to applications based off their role in GullNet. 

The applicant account will have the same username the student will eventually use for his or her full SU account. 

An initial password will be email to the users personal email. 

The initial password cannot be changed until after matriculation (July 15 for Fall Freshman and January 1st for Spring Freshman however this does not include Quick Admits or non-degree students).

• A student who is an applicant will have the Applicant security role, a non-SU email address, and only have access to GullNet.

• Once the SU account is created, the email address will change to the student’s SU email address.

•  An Admitted student has access to GullNet and Academic Works

•  A student with a DEIN role (who has paid their deposit) will have access to GullNet and their SU email.

Temp/Guest Accounts

Temporary accounts, or guest accounts, are given to non-SU users to use our system. There are three
different ways a temporary account is used:

• Walk-in Accounts. These are used by individuals who request an account in person either at
the Library or the UC info desk. Guests who come to the IT Help Desk for a guest account should be
referred to the Library Circulation Desk.

• Events. Faculty and staff request accounts through the online ticketing system for use by
guest speakers and events. These come in as tickets and can be done well in advance.

• UMES/Wor-Wic students living in UP can request an account to use to access the SU network in
their residence. 

At no time should we be giving a guest account to an owner of an SU account. 

Temporary accounts are given the prefix sutemp and are numbered, such as sutemp200. The number
designates where the customer received the temp account.

Affiliate accounts

There is also a type of account called an affiliate account. This is an account provided to someone
working for SU, but not under contract with SU. Access granted is going to vary depending upon the
type of account.

• It will have the SU affiliate role

Some accounts are created for use only within MyClasses.

See also SU account and access life cycle - Faculty, Staff and Students 

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