Faculty Emeriti (retiree) access

Emeriti IT Overview- The following information is a summary of faculty emeriti access.

IT Emeriti Available Functions

  • Friends & Family Card
    • Upon request a “Friends & Family” card will be printed for Emeriti commemorating their time at SU. This card does not have campus door or swipe capability.
  • Email
    • Faculty Emeriti are extended the opportunity to continue to use their SU email account for as long as they wish to keep it.
    • Every 3 years they will receive an email from PSSecurity@salisbury.edu asking if they would like to renew their account for another 3 years. This process goes on indefinitely.
    • Emeriti who do not respond to the renewal email (usually done June 30th), will find their account disabled after a month. A prompt email or call to the HelpDesk and the account can be re-enabled. After 6 months all email associated with the account will be deleted.

IT Emeriti Function which are not available

  • Computer & File share (P Drive / 365) Access.
  • Software discounts (Only for active employees)

General Note on Building Access

                Access to specific locations on campus is handled on a case by case basis through the use of general purpose (Check-out) cards. Emeriti cards (mentioned above) do not give door access.

General Note on Affiliate Process

                Affiliate accounts should only be created for individuals which have a clear business need and sponsor for the account. Creating an affiliate accounts is equivalent to creating a new employee which carries security and financial obligations to the University.

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