GullNet Fluid Interface

Icons and Their Functions


HomeThe home icon returns the user to their default Homepage, the page that a user arrives at immediately upon login - it may be a student, employee, or other homepage.  

SearchThe magnifying glass search icon opens a search bar that allows the user to perform global searches for screens using keywords.

ActionsThe icon with 3 dots displays the actions menu with various options. 

NavBarThe compass icon expands a NavBar menu on the right, allowing users to navigate to different menu levels and view different GullNet pages.  The Navbar contains commonly used items such as Recent Places, My Favorites, and the "Navigator" menu.

Homepage Preview

The "classic home" Employee Homepage in GullNet was replaced with a Tile-based layout.  Each of the classic home pagelets (e.g. "Employee Links" and "Timesheet" windows below with lists of links to other pages) will be converted to a tile.  The same links under the classic home pagelets will show up on a left navigational bar after selecting the corresponding tile.  Below is an example of the new Employee Homepage with Tiles instead of pagelets/links:

New "Fluid" Tile Based HomepageOld "Classic" Homepage

*Click image above for a full-screen view.

*Click image above for a full-screen view.

How the Tiles Work

When you click on a tile, you will be presented with the same possible links to accomplish the same tasks, but they will appear on the left side menu of the screen:

New "Fluid" Tile Based Employee LinksOld "Classic" Employee Links

*Click image above for a full-screen view.

*Click image above for a full-screen view.

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