SQL Error when trying to register for classes in GullNet


When trying to register for classes in GullNet the student is unable to add courses to their shopping cart. If the student types in the exact class number and tries to add the course, GullNet displays the message "A SQL error occurred. Please consult your system log for details." 


In most cases if they are getting a SQL error when trying to enter classes or check out their cart, it means that the advisor has not term activated them. The Registrar's office can confirm this for IT for the student.  Once confirmed by IT, the student has to contact their advisor to resolve this issue. 

If they are term activated, some other options may be:
  • The course they are trying to add has a pre-requisite that the student has not met.
  • The student is not yet able to add courses (trying earlier than their start time).
  • The student needs to clear their cache or try another browser.

The Registrar's office has some helpful How-To videos; click the View Video script link next to each video to see a step by step walkthrough.

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