GullNet and Peoplesoft FAQs

This page will guide you to getting information and assistance with various areas of interest within GullNet and Peoplesoft. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call Technology Support for assistance at 410-677-5454.

Where can I get help with my GullNet login or password? 

For password issues, try resetting your password on our Password Assistance page. For other login issues, please contact Technology Support for assistance at 410-677-5454.

Where can faculty get help with entering grades?

Check out our guide on Accessing Rosters and Grades for Faculty. For further assistance, the Registrar's office can assist with grade and course issues. 

Where can I get transcripts?

Current students who have attended Salisbury University within the past year can view their Unofficial Transcripts within GullNet by clicking NavBar>Menu>Self Service>Academic Records>View Unofficial Transcript. Students and alumni who have been gone longer than one year will not have access to view unofficial transcripts.

All current and former students and alumni can order official transcripts from the Registrar's office at

Is there a guide on how to perform common tasks within GullNet?

Yes! Students can view our GullNet How-To guide to find out how to view grades, drop classes and other activities within GullNet.

Faculty also have a GullNet How-To guide for how to enter grades, view rosters and other common features.

More help can also be found on the Registrar's office website.

Where can I find information about Academic Advising?

The Academic Advising Office has information and guides for faculty advisors and students. 

I am unable to sign up for classes in GullNet!

There could be a several reasons why you cannot sign up for classes, including account holds, your advisor hasn't activated you yet, or you don't have then minimum number of credits to sign up yet. See for more information. 

I am an incoming student and cannot sign up for Orientation 101.

Make sure you have completed the Orientation survey in GullNet. If you still cannot sign up, contact Admissions at 410-543-6161.

I need to access my 1098-T. 

You will access your 1098-T through GullNet. More information about the 1098-T can be found in GullNet under the NavBar>Menu> Self Service > Campus Finances page, or by emailing

For troubleshooting please see out knowledgebase article Cannot access 1098-T form in GullNet

How can I pay my bill in GullNet?

You can pay your bill within GullNet by clicking NavBar>Menu>Bills/Payments/PayPlans/Refund.

Parents and guest payers can find instructions on how to pay bills at

Where can I buy a Parking Permit?

Students can purchase a parking permit within GullNet by clicking NavBar>Menu>Self-Service>Campus Finances>Registrer for a Parking Permit. Availability of these permits may be limited; see the Parking Services website for more information.

Faculty and staff may purchase a parking permit within GullNet by clicking Main Menu>SU Custom>Vehicle Registration/Ticket>Use>Employee Parking Registration. More information about this can be found on Parking Services' Employee Parking Permits page.

Where can I find information on the end of semester Course Evaluations?

Information about Course Evaluations, including guides for faculty and students, can be found at

Where can I find information about the Emergency Notification System?

You can find information about the Emergency Procedures at  Instructions for setup of the Emergency Text Alert can be found here Emergency Text Alert System (Rave).

How do I take an Administrative Survey in GullNet?

Instructions on how to take an Administrative Survey can be found at Take a Course Evaluation in GullNet as a Student.

Where can I find other resources for GullNet?

Depending on what you're looking for, many departments on campus offer advice and assistance with performing specific tasks within GullNet, including the Registrar's Office, the Academic Advising OfficeDining ServicesAdmissionsFinancial Aid, the Cashier's OfficeStudent HealthParking Services, and Campus Housing and Residence Life.

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