The Telecommunications Office is designed to provide SU faculty, staff and students services and support for all areas related to telephone, and cable television.  Our staff is trained to answer your questions and provide solutions to your problems/concerns.

Office Information

Telecommunications Office
Salisbury University
IT Building, IT Room 112 (Telecom Office)
(Building across from Wayne Street Parking Garage)
Salisbury, MD 21801


Anthony Stancil
Associate Director of IT

Dennis White
Network System Engineer

Patrick Meyers
Network Surveillance Specialist

State of Maryland Online Directory

The Telecommunications department adds a select few people to the State of Maryland Online Directory. You can find the directory at

Work Order Requests

Most work requested for Telecommunications requires a work order request to be submitted, either by email or through interoffice mail. For interoffice mail, fill out a paper work order form and send to Telecommunications in IT 112. These forms may be ordered through Support Services. For electronic work orders, send an email to

All work orders need to include the following information:

  • Department Code
  • Department Name
  • Approval of Budget Administrator
  • Date Required
  • Building and Room
  • Telephone Number/Extension
  • Brief Description of requested work to be done (such as relocate phone, cabling, cell phone order, etc.)

Work orders are charged based on the request. If your request does not include new voice, data or cable installation, there will be no charge. All work orders that require new voice, data or cable installations or large department moves will be charged for labor, billed at $60.00/hour plus the material cost (based on what is used).

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