IT Procurement and Consulting Services

The Information Technology Dept. strives to provide exemplary customer service in all areas to our campus community. We offer expert advisement and consulting as a service to all of our faculty & staff when it comes to purchasing all facets of hardware and software for campus use. Salisbury University has negotiated special pricing with hardware and software vendors through various State contracts in an effort to provide the best and most competitive pricing.

To simplify the procurement process & provide the best user experience, IT has established standardized models in both desktop and laptop configurations, which are linked below for your convenience. These configurations will service the vast majority of campus computing needs for faculty and staff alike.

Standard Computer and Printer Configuration

These computers and printers have a standard warranty, and IT maintains a standard image and keeps replacement parts on hand.

Standard computers and printers are imaged upon arrival and, pending any specialized software or setup requested, are delivered within a few days of receipt. Information Technology provides full support for standard IT Computer and Printer configurations.

Non-Standard Computers

We realize that our standard models may not suit all requirements, and some may desire more upgraded models. IT considers as non-standard any device that deviates from the standard configuration above, or computers and devices purchased through other vendors.

Because non-Standard computers often need to be manually configured by Information Technology, they may take longer to deliver. IT does not maintain an image for these devices. Support for these devices may take longer than the standard devices, due to warranty issues or time to receive replacement parts.

Internet Only Devices

Internet only devices are computers and tablets that are dependent upon an Internet connection in order to be used. In most cases, these devices can function in a limited capacity while not on a network or wi-fi connection. Sample devices include Google Chromebooks, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, iPads, Amazon Fire HD, and other tablets. These devices do not have the capability to be joined to the SU domain and use other SU services such as printing and file sharing.

Support for Internet Only Devices is limited to internet connectivity and warranty replacement only. It is recommended to purchase extended warranties when ordering these devices.

Contact and More Info

For those who need upgraded options or may have a special project in mind, we encourage you to contact the IT specialists listed below for a more comprehensive needs assessment & custom quotation tailored to your needs. In addition to computers feel free to inquire about printers and mobile devices (tablets & accessories) as well.

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