The Navigate platform is now available to faculty.  It is both an advising and communication tool, providing quick access to student information and tracking critical interactions across campus.  Please see below for information to get you started.


For questions or problems regarding Navigate please contact the Academic Advising Center in Blackwell Hall or call 410-546-4366

Accessing the Navigate Platform

  • Navigate is a Quick Link under Faculty & Staff on SU’s website
  • Log into Navigate (through Chrome) using your university credentials


Appointment Availability in Navigate

All Program Planning appointments will now be managed in Navigate

Benefits to moving to Navigate:

  • It takes fewer steps to set up appointments in Navigate than it did in GullNet.
  • You can also set up Faculty Office Hours in Navigate.  (You can set availability for appointments OR set it for walk-in availability only.)
  • Your Navigate account syncs with your Outlook calendar.
  • Students can’t set up an appointment with you while you are scheduled to be in class.
  • Students can’t set up an appointment while they are scheduled to be in class.
  • If you mark yourself as busy on your Outlook calendar (perhaps for a doctor’s appointment or a newly-scheduled meeting on campus), students don’t see that time as available - even if it was within a timeframe that you originally set as free.
  • All your upcoming appointments are listed in one location (more to follow).
  • Students are automatically sent an email reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Students are automatically sent a text message reminder 1/2 hour before your appointment.
  • Students will be able to access your available Program Planning times and Faculty Office Hours on a student-facing mobile app and can sign up to meet with you that way.

Please note that this functionality replaces the appointment system in GullNet.  If you previously set up Program Planning appointments in GullNet, you are no longer able to do so.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school’s/college’s Advising Services Coordinator.

Student Success Navigators

Each academic department on campus has a faculty member who has been trained on the Navigate platform.  That person can answer basic questions about the platform or can find the answer for you. 

See this link:


Navigate Training

Training for Navigate will be provided by your school’s/college’s Advising Services Coordinator, assisted by your department Navigator.  Look for an invitation soon (if you haven’t already received one).  If you are unable to make the designated training times, please reach out to your ASC to schedule something that works for you.


Navigate Web Page

A resource for the Navigate platform is now available on-line.  The page includes FAQs, a training manual, how-to instructions, training dates, etc.  If you have suggestions for further information that may prove helpful, please let me know.  There is also a Help feature in the Navigate platform.  Once you log in, you access it by clicking on the “?” icon in the upper right-hand corner and choosing “Help Center & Support Links.” 

Student App

Students do not have access to the Navigate platform.  However, they do have access to a mobile app that they can access on their phone or on a desktop.  Features include their current class schedule, a to-do list, a robust list of campus resources, notification of any holds that would prevent them from registering for classes, and the ability to set up study groups for the classes in which they are enrolled.  In addition, students will be able to access your available Program Planning times and Faculty Office Hours and can sign up to meet with you that way.  Please encourage your students to download the app.  (It takes the space of one selfie.)  When students sign up for an appointment using the Navigate app they are sent an email reminder the day before and a text message reminder 30 minutes before the appointment.  

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