User repeatedly locked out of SU account after changing password


When devices attempt to log in to SU accounts with previous passwords too many times, the user gets locked out of their account.


When a password is changed, users must correct it on all devices attempting to access their account. This includes connection to SU's Secure wireless network as well as Email through Outlook or Mail apps.  If you are unable to log into your account currently, you can unlock your account by visiting Enter your username and if you have created your profile you will see the Account Unlock option. The account will also unlock itself automatically after a period of time.

Next, check the following:

  • Restart any computers you are currently logged into. Often, web browsers and other applications pass the current login credentials to SU websites. If you are still logged in with the old password, that may be locking your account.
  • Change your password on any mobile phone, tablet, personal computer, etc. where you have added or accessed your SU email. This includes:
    • Built in mail programs on your mobile device, usually set up in Settings.
    • Outlook or other mail programs installed on your computer or mobile device.
  • Go to and re-run the SU wireless connection wizard to update your device with the current SU password. On campus you can do this by connecting to SU-Connect and opening a web browser.
  • Clear your internet cache and temporary internet files.

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