General information about Faculty and Staff SU accounts

This guide covers all of your faculty and staff accounts, as well as how to login, change and unlock your password.

Activating your account

Salisbury University faculty and staff have an SU username and password created and/or activated for them once their signed contract has been entered by Human Resources.

  • When you first log into GullNet, or after an extended absence, your GullNet account may be locked. Use the Trouble logging in? link on the GullNet logon page to change your password and unlock your account.  You can also go to Password Assistance for instructions and a link to our Password Reset System.
  • Faculty and staff must complete the Acceptable Use Policy and Policy Receipt Acknowledgement sections in GullNet before gaining full access to their account.

Your SU Account and Password

Once the Human Resources department enters your contract in GullNet your SU account will be activated. At that time, your SU username and password will be active for the following systems:

Depending on your department or role, you may also have access to:

You will be able to set your password using our Password Assistance webpage: Password Assistance. For information on setting up your password reset profile and resetting your password, see Using the SU Password Reset System to change or reset your password.

As long as you are an active SU employee, your SU account will be active. Once you leave the university, your SU account will be disabled. Also, a faculty or staff member who also has a student account will only be able to register for classes and perform other student activities on his or her student account.  After 12 months student accounts are removed.  See Faculty and staff account creation process for more information.

Your Email Address

Your email address is, where “username” is your SU username. You can access your email at

Faculty and Staff Emeriti

Faculty and Staff Emeriti are extended the opportunity to continue to use their email for as long as they wish to keep them, in return for their years of service to the University.

  • Retirees automatically have their email active for three years following their retirement date.
  • After the three years, retirees will receive an email which they will need to reply to in order to extend their access for another three years. All that is required is that they continue to use the email address and respond every three years to the email inquiry about continued use.
  • Emeriti who do not respond to the yearly email inquiry (usually done in late Spring or early Summer) will find their account is disabled. If this is the case, a prompt email or call to the Help Desk will usually be enough to restore email access.
  • Emeriti do not retain network login, office suite, or GullNet access.

Faculty and staff account creation process

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