About the Recall feature in Outlook


In our testing, we have found that the recall feature is not 100% effective in recalling messages that were sent in error. Many factors contribute to the ineffectiveness of this feature:

  • The feature only works for recalling email from other internal (@salisbury.edu) email addresses, generally faculty, staff, department and student worker addresses.
  • The feature does not work for recalling email from external addresses, including SU students, who are on an @gulls.salisbury.edu address.
  • Emails that have already been “read” or opened will not be recalled.  Only messages that have not been read are recalled or replaced.
  • If the recipient opens the original message before reading the recall message, the recall will fail.
  • If the recipient has a rule which moves the message to another folder upon receipt but it does not also move the recall message, the recall will automatically fail.
  • An email may be considered “read” if it has been synced to a phone or mobile device without having been read by the recipient.
  • Recall does not work with class lists or groups.
  • You must be in Outlook for Windows.  Outlook for Mac and the web app does not allow for an item to be Recalled. 

These are only a few of the reasons why a recall might fail, and in some cases may even draw attention to the message that is trying to be recalled.


It is our recommendation not to rely on the recall function to recall or replace email with any level of effectiveness, and to consider simply sending a “corrected” email in its place.  Also always review your emails prior to hitting send.

To attempt to Recall an email in Outlook go to your sent items and double click the email to open it in a new window.  

Go to the Message tab, select the Actions drop down arrow, and choose Recall this message

You will receive and email letting you know if the email was recalled successfully or failed.  

Unfortunately the recall option is not available on Mac devices.  

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